Fifth Avenue Promotions manufactures custom packaging solutions to fit a variety of unique requests. We have provided creative packaging options for numerous jewelry and gift needs, as well as the Health and Beauty industry.


The materials we use include wood, metal, resin, paper and fabric.


Most packages can be engraved or printed. In addition, Fifth Avenue Promotions supplies custom decals with clear urethane domes.


Our custom packages add value and enhance a first impression.



Since 1984 Fifth Avenue Promotions has been a successful supplier of advertising, promotional and incentive products. With our many years of experience and creativity, we are confident in our ability to meet quality and pricing criteria.


Following is a sampling of occasions where we have provided products:



Corporate gifts

Gifts with purchase and purchase with purchase

Meetings and special events

New product introductions

Promoting awareness to a cause


Our understanding of the advertising, promotional and recognition products ensures an efficient and memorable experience.





Faith and devotion are expressed in many ways. Fifth Avenue Promotions has helped dozens of dedicated groups express their faith in a tangible and lasting symbol of commitment.


We have transformed precious designs into one of kind pins, pendants and more. Often these gifts celebrate an anniversary or convocation and provide the opportunity to share belonging and unity.


At Fifth Avenue Promotions we enjoy developing ideas into unique expressions of faith.







For 25 years Fifth Avenue Promotions has successfully provided precious and fashion jewelry. Our jewelry has been exclusive catalog pieces, awards or incentives, holiday boxed programs, gifts with purchases and more.


With our domestic and international manufacturing sources and unlimited component selection, we are able to provide designs that are timeless, or meet the latest trends. In developing exclusive jewelry, we stay focused on the goal and the budget.


At Fifth Avenue Promotions we provide jewelry that can be presented with pride.





Custom Request

Fifth Avenue Promotions provides custom and exclusive products. Based on our experiences we make manufacturing recommendations that focus on the goal, budget and timetable of the “Special Project’.


Once we have determined the best way to proceed, we make a prototype which is submitted for approval. We also submit and discuss the costs involved to proceed with production.


At Fifth Avenue Promotions we pride ourselves on our creativity and responsiveness. It is always rewarding to successfully present a product that meets and exceeds the original concept.